DEBUG - [[ data.socketId ]]
[[data.lobby.match.away_team.slug]] [[data.lobby.match.away_team.name]]
Tournament: [[data.lobby.match.tournament.name]] Round: [[data.lobby.match.round + 1]] Start time: [[data.lobby.match.start_time]]
Your team will lose on walkover in [[data.lobby.minutesLeftToWO]] if you do not have 5 players in the lobby that accepts the final readycheck
[[data.lobby.creator.account.username]] [[data.lobby.creator.stats.current_rating]]
[[data.lobby.creator.stats.wins]] Won [[data.lobby.creator.stats.loss]] Lost [[data.lobby.creator.stats.warnings]] Warnings [[data.lobby.creator.stats.drops]] Drops
The Radiant [[data.lobby.match.home_team.name]] [[openPosition.name]] Position Rating Status
[[player.stats.current_rating]] Offline [[player.ready_status_text]]
The Dire [[data.lobby.match.away_team.name]] [[openPosition.name]] Position Rating Status
[[player.stats.current_rating]] Offline [[player.ready_status_text]]
    Waiting players Select lineup Position
    [[preferredPosition.name]] [[player.stats.current_rating]] [[player.droprate]]% Invited
    Choose position

    Select your prefered position. Choose between one and three alternatives.

    Are you ready?
    You have 30 seconds to verify that you are ready to play [[data.readyCheckCounter]]
    Invite friends
    [[friend.friend.username]] [[ friend.friend.rating ]]
    No friends online
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    Your match is ready!

    Your team is The Radiant The Dire Broadcaster

    [[helper.getPosition(player.selected_position).name]] [[player.account.username]]



    Esportal was unable to contact the game server

    A game invite has been sent to your Steam account: [[data.steamUsername]]

    Waiting for game server

    Queue will time out in

    Looking for a server... Your match is ready! Searching for players...
    remaining to accept invitation
    A player failed to accept. Searching for a new player... Players have failed to accept. Searching for new players...
    Waiting for remaining players.
    Your team is The Radiant The Dire
    Waiting for game server
    Queue will timeout in [[helper.getMinutes(data.readyCheckCounter)]]
    Sorry, it seems that Steam is offline right now and can’t create a server for you. We are still trying.
    Connect to the server again

    Press escape to close

    All Gather Servers Are Full

    We want to give You the chance to play and give us feedback on the Esportal Gather experience.

    To make sure we can give every player a good experience we have put a limit on concurrent logged in Gather players.

    We will increase this limit day by day so please re-visit our Gather section shortly!